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Surrounded by idiots

November 04, 2018

Yameo has recently updated it’s book library with some new titles. Surrounded by idiots got my attention because of it’s controversial title. After reading a fragment of it I decided to read it all and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Different personalities

Author Thomas Erikson describes 4 different personality types. He shows how to identify people of each type, and how to interact with them. Each of personality is represented by a color.

Reds are dominant and ambitious. They like to compete with other people. They might break the rules to achieve their goals. They are communicating in a straightforward way.

Yellows are very social and charming. They speak a lot, and are good at it. They are enthusiastic for changes and new ideas, which are often initiated by them.

Greens are friendly, and focused on relations with other people. They are often indecisive, and afraid of changes. They are good listeners.

Blues are very precise. They analyze problems into smallest possible details, but this takes them a lot of time. In communication they are focused on facts.

The author states that only 5 percent of the population are single coloured. Around 8 percent of people are combination of two colours. Rest of people are combination of three colours. Based on authors criteria there are no people with four colours, but he did not mention the exact criteria.

Why is this important?

If we have communication problem with somebody, this might be caused by differences in our personalities. If we are aware of those differences we might adjust our language to fit better to our speaker. Therefore we can achieve more and introduce less conflicts. For example before communicating with Blue we might prepare facts, and use them in our discussion.

We might also pay attention to colors while forming a team. Single coloured teams do not perform very well. To form efficient team we should gather people of miscellaneous personalities. If the team is smaller we might want to pay attention to risky combinations like Red and Green, or Blue and Yellow.


The book is written in simple language. Chapters are well organized. There are examples of behavior typical for each color. It is well explained how to interact with people of each color. The lecture was very addictive for me. I was aware of the fact that people have different personalities before I have read it, but now my knowledge has ben organized. I started to see people in colors. We’ll see if it’s going to improve my interactions with people. I recommend this book to anyone interested in interpersonal relationships.

My next reading is going to be Lateral thinking book recommended to me by my friend pfm. I recommend reading his blog post about it.

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