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Jakub Podeszwik

My name is Jakub Podeszwik. I'm a Software Developer who's passionate about clean code. In my free time I train brazilian jiu jitsu.

Bjj marathon

16 February, 2019

My brazilian jiu jistu club Złomiarz Team has recently organized 24h brazilian jiu jitsu marathon. I took part in it not only as a competitor, but also as an organizer - I was asked to write an application, that would help to organize it.

Surrounded by idiots

04 November, 2018

Yameo has recently updated it's book library with some new titles. Surrounded by idiots got my attention because of it's controversial title. After reading a fragment of it I decided to read it all and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Adventure with Rust

14 October, 2018

I have found some unusual motivation to learn Rust programming language. Here's what happened...

Hello World

12 September, 2018

I've recently decided to start a blog. I'm planning to publish some quality content soon. For now I just wanted to say 'hello' using Java programming language ;)